2003 USA extradition act. This law must be repealed. Even if the Americans don't want to 'play ball', it is so one sided, we just need to pass a law stating that no one can be extradited from the UK to a foreign nation without the case for extradition being heard first in a UK court.

Why is this idea important?

Never before has so much sovreign power been ceeded to a single foreign nation.

The 2003 USA extradition act would be unbelievable had similar powers been ceeded back to the UK in return. The fact that it is so one sided, that US justice is so draconian in its (quite literal) execution, makes it totally unacceptable. Any politition who walked through the yea lobby on that that day should denounce citizenship of this great nation.

Let the Scots do what they like but in England and Wales, now subject to Europe in almost all areas of law, we must hang on to every tiny element of soereignty we can.

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