Don't let the International Olympic Committee's pressure to create laws that outlaw the community in East London from benefitting financially from the Olympic Games. We saw at the recent World Cup that local people were not allowed to use any word in their marketing that associated their product with the tournament. This was grossly unfair and it would be a great shame if London followed suit during the Olympics. There are already reports surfacing that suggest that laws will be brought in to stop so called ambush marketing. We must make sure that these laws do not penalise local business around the Olympic park or across London.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important for three reasons.

1. Londoners are paying for the Olympics and should be entitled by law to benefit economically as well as socially from it.

2. It's a libertarian issue. People should be able to market their products using whatever language they see fit.

3. It's an issue of sovereignty. The International Olympic Committee should not be allowed to dictate laws in the UK as they are not elected or accountable in the UK.

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