Remove any laws that mean government communication has to be sent by post. In it's place have a government mailbox for each citizen that is tied to a unique personal identifier such as the National Insurance number.

Making it work:

  • All government communication to be available in your mailbox within 3 years (including local council, HMRC, DWP etc.)
  • Only email from government addresses allowed as incoming with careful control of what communication is permitted
  • Partner with a Google type organisation where an extra 60 million mailboxes would mean little extra effort using the cloud
  • Add extra security as banks do to protect accounts
  • £100 tax break for all adopters in first year to speed mass adoption (paid for by massive reduction in postage and printing costs over several years)
  • In future add features/apps that let you access your information like tax returns, allowances etc. with the next step letting you complete forms and returns
  • Add a library feature for easy access to government information relevant to you
  • Have a forward email to your normal email address or notification facility by SMS text or email
  • Suitable support for those that cannot access the internet although an increase in library based access might help.
  • Reduce voter fraud and administration by having suitable security to allow voting
  • Look at the possibilities of letting everyone have a vote regularly on individual issues rather than making compromises with your vote by electing a party that you support for one reason but disagree on others (Maybe a step to far in my life time but worth considering)

The Government Gateway already exists but is massively limited in what you can do.

Why is this idea important?

  • Saves paper and postage
  • Immediate delivery and responses
  • Keeps records, no more lost paper
  • Minimal cost using the cloud
  • Pays for itself quickly
  • Makes the UK a more attractive place to live and work (anything that makes life easier and frees up time adds to your quality of life in today's overloaded society)
  • The future is online, unless we plan and act now we will be left behind as a country

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