HI Their,

I just wanted to draw the attention on 22% of the charity money that the charities deduct saying as administration fees. I think this is utterly wrong and it put me off from doing charity. Charity has to be volunteer and should not be looked upon as a business or carrier. 

A Simple Example how i was put of from donating even one pound a month is one day a guy walked into my work place and asked me to help a boy in africa get clean water. He said it can be done by giving just £1 a month. I just asked him out of this pound how much money goes to africa he told me 78p goes to africa an 22p is deducted  as administration costs.

It was about this£1 very small amount but imagine this Charity would be Raising 1 Million Pounds in charity and Simply keeping £220,000 with them as adminstartion cost.

I think charities have to work voluntarly and they should not deduct any money from the charity money given by any induvidual. 

Everyone involved in the charity business should just work as a volunteer and not take any money. Even the companies invoved like the money exchange comapny, The Banks, The business providing the materials should be free and should not incurr any costs.

I am sorry if anyone is offened but i think if we make it more clearer it will encourage more pleople like me to do some charity.

Regards to everyone. 

Why is this idea important?

This idea put off lot of people from doing charity s i feel that UK might be raising nearly a Billion pounds in charity ever year but 220 million pounds are lost out. It can be used for better causes as it is a lot of money and can be nearly 80 times more in poor countries.

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