30 mph repeater signs are illegal

Stop it being illegal for Councils to erect 30mph repeater signs.

Why does this idea matter?

Maybe not an earth shattering proposal – but Councils currently are not allowed, by law, to put up small 30mph repeater signs within a 30mph area.

This is generally a good thing as it avoids street clutter – however there are occasions when it is unclear that one is still in a 30mph area – but the Council is not alllowed to put up repeater signs to warn you.

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2 Responses

  1. Dr Gary Fahy says:

    The emphasis on street lighting to indicate a speed limit is archaic, confusing and inappropriate. With recent speed reduction directives, there is a mismatch between the perceived maximum speed of a road (based on it’s natural design) and the artificial enforcement of speed limits. A ban of 30mph repeater signs on roads designed for higher speed limits simply creates confusion and aids criminalisation of innocent drivers.

  2. Frank Buckle says:

    Recently been flashed and given NIP for 35 on a “restricted” dual carriageway. Street lights obscured by the trees running alongside the Maybray Kingway in Southampton, the single lane with shops etc had been a 40 most of the way in!
    Repeaters should be allowed on dual carriageways at least.
    If you agree sign the epetition at

    We need to get this changed.

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