The idea is not to be put on any database unless there is a special and compelling reason for it. Any database should be proposed and its exact purposes set out. Those purposes should be under review and possibility of being revoked if misused or subverted for other reasons.

A database should be a special and exceptional instrument with a definite and defined reason set out for its existence, access and use.

An example of a database subverted for unintended uses is that created for CBR checks and that created to carry the DNA records collected by the police. Thes databases now contain millions of names making them the biggest databases of their sort in the world. We must demand public control and sanction for them.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important and growing in importance because of the opportunities for peoples' details and privacy to be casually invaded and usurped by officials, security and police. The instrument of a digital databse carried on modern communications networks is too powerful to allow to be casually used and abused by police and officials.

British databases are so well known about for their completeness that access is requested regularly from foreign states and agencies in order to check on British people and others. This is an abuse that is growing and will grow further unless checked and restricted.

Britain also has far more minor offences that are criminalised, placed  on databases, and then serve only to give British people criminal records that allow foreign, e.g., USA customs and security to target British visitors who appeare to have criminal records as stated and evidenced on the databases. No other states have such records of their citizens and it causes gross unfairness and discrimination. Even casual police cautions count as criminal records for innocent people whose records are on these pernicious databases. They must go: they are a relic of Labour in office.

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