Parliament should have it's own internal IT sourcing department charged with minimising costs by making systems as common as possible.

Why is it that every new government initiative has its own website, and each of them is completely different?  Surely it must be costing the taxpayer money, and it looks rubbish too. 

It is not beyond the wit of man to run one IT system for all government web sites, and still have them work in the way that is requrired.   Much of it could use open source software. 

I'm not talking about major projects like health databases (don't get me started). This department could have oversight for that, but it's primary use would be to control little projects like this website.


(I admit I have no idea if the government has it's own It department.   But if they have, why does every government website look as if it was coded by someone different, and why do none of them work very well?)


Why is this idea important?

We're in the 21st century.  Okay, no flying cars or rocket belts, but at least we can have a government that actually has a consistent, intelligent presence on the internet.  It's not difficult and it's not expensive.  It should be a basic part of democracy.

Plus, it would save money.

Finally, it would stop the government looking stupid.   Currently "government IT project" is a synonym for "major **ck up". 

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