I run a Community Centre (and have done for 2 years now) and am still finding new things that I'm 'required' to do.  Whether or not they're red tape or not is one discussion, but the feeling that there's always potentially more out there looming over me is a burden!  Today for example I found out that the council requires us to map our entire water supply system to prove that we've mitigated against the risk of Legionnaires disease.  My other recent favourite was to discover that my signs 'caution water hot' were insufficient, as I was required to have a picture with the message. Requirement to prove annual checks of first aid kits, annual PAT testing of all electrical equipment, PRS licencing, risk assessments for fire, asbestos, corperate governance are all others that have sneaked up on me.  As scary as one enormous list of everything that you need to do for a building that is open to the public might be, it would be a very useful, and ultimatly reasssuring and time saving device.

Why is this idea important?

At the moment it feels like the system is trying to 'catch us out'…  there are so many bodies / councils / authorities waiting to point out the latest thing that has been missed it's quite intimidating.  For buildings that are owned and run by voluntary organisations, with volunteers on committees that are keen but unqualified it would be immesnsly reassuring to have all the property requirments covered in one place… it would let us focus on what we do in our buildings, rather than the building itself feeling like a burden.

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