From what I can gather the only people that are not sick and tired of rude boy vehicles with large exhausts, stupidly loud motorbikes, or the guy in traffic playing 'higher state of consciousness' by Josh Wink at full volume is the people driving / riding the vehicle themselves.

Why is this idea important?

a crackdown on the minority of people that are creating the annoyance, day and night, that are affecting the majority.

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  1. Personally as a person who gets woken up each day (at 6:45am) by the harley davidson bike owner across the street from me, I think your idea is grerat.

    The louder the bike, the more inconsiderate the bike owner is. People need sleep and I’m now f**king angry at people who ride around disturbing other peoples sleep simply because “they want to be heard” – why don’t they get a quiet bike and learn how to ride it – i’ll even give them a hint, it has brakes, use them when you see a van pulling out ahead of you.

    Why is it all bike owners have this innability to ride a bike in a straight line without using the cars as slalom poles?, it’s dangerous and has nearly cause me to crash about 3 times.

    Complain about it? – the local council isn’t interested as “it’s a road traffic problem”, and the police don’t care because it’s a road legal bike, and the bike owner isn’t interested because, well….he’s a prick – he drives a loud bike.

    So personnaly I’m stuck in the situation of sleep deprivation. I could move house but that means selling it at a loss in a recession – and I’ll be buggered if I do that.

    So yes, your idea is a great one.

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