1. Stop migrants and asylum seekers entering the country until it’s in a better state financially.
2. Stop outsourcing work from within the public sector to the private sector. The companies that are handed the work are not trained, do not know what they’re doing and often ends up with the same thing being done twice.
3. Increase the salary of the public sector (non-managerial posts) employees in line with those within the private sector doing the same job. Public sector AO earns 15000 approx whereas the average salary for the same job within the private sector is approx 18000.
4. Put a stop to bumper bonuses for high paid bankers – those same bankers responsible for destroying the economy of the country.
5. Collect the £100+ million owed from tax evasion/avoidance and jail those who fail to pay (take not Mr H Redknapp).
6. Castrate all convicted paedophiles when there is no doubt to the crime committed. Simple really, to prevent the urge remove the source of it.
7. On a more serious note, prevent Katie ‘Whoredon’ Price from appearing on a television.
8. Name, shame and maim rapists – see action re paedophiles.
9. Limit each average household to 2 cars.
10. I don’t divulge myself but enough people do… Legalise marijuana and tax it. People smoke it anyway so there may as well be a bonus from it.
11. Legalise prostitution. Protect the vulnerable who are forced into it, health checks on a weekly basis and make it harder for the underage to become involved.
12. Murder – life means life. Consider re-introducing the death penalty for serial and child killers.
13. Scrap the human rights bill – it only serves to protect those who don’t deserve it.
There may be more… I’ll be back

Why is this idea important?

I’m only saying what a lot of people think

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