So many of the almost 3,500 laws affecting civil liberties and introduced during the past three terms of the labour government seem to be pieces of an almost sinister jigsaw of control over freedoms by the state that it might make more sense wiping the slate clean, repealing all these laws and establishing a new mode of law introduction a key element of which involves 'the people' having the final say in whether a law is passed or not. A final 12-man/woman jury to vett the wisdom of the politicians and judges who, with all due respect, often operate, live and function far from the real world on the streets of London's Kilburn or Camden, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Arbroath, Plymouth etc.

Why is this idea important?

The laws introduced have removed liberty from ther masses. We are being watched wherever we go. We are being 'stored' on databases "for our own good", we are stopped whenever and wherever the police deem it necessary, our homes can be entered by many different agencies for a number of reasons. The state is operating more like a commnuist state in this regard. TV adverts for the DVLA, or re benefit fraud and other 'public information' ads deliver a message about a variety of issues but in a way that says: "Be afraid, be very afriad…we're coming to get you …"   The KGB would have been proud of such media manipulating messages.  Regardless of Al Q'aida and terrrorist threats, this England  of ours should be freer than this for goodness sake. Should be more wholesome. Sure, it's a new world out there and order out of the chaos is no easy task but start with education and teaching simple rights from wrongs and there'll be no need for nanny state/big brother state laws.

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