National Service , bring to mind of men playing at soldiers!


It doesnt have to be that way

My idea is that for every recently convited person under and up to the age of thirty five must be made to do civil service (NOT community service) in addition to their sentence! This means when they finish their sentence they MUST go on a program where they are educated about the responsibilities of every British citizen, along with some rather strigent excersize regimen to teach and reinforce discapline amongst onesself. If they successfuly complete the course then they are offered training to help them to get gainful employment. However if they are convicted of a further offence, having been through the above then they are given a harsher sentence, for the reason of 'abusal of trust' given by the British people!

This idea could be extended to those whom are on long tern unemployed. Help them to teach value in themselves as well as others, build up their confidence!

Why is this idea important?

Help to stop those reoffending, get the chavs and the filth of the streets and into productive, honest labour.

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