To bring Britain's disfunctional police under some form of control and realisation that they represent the rule of law in a country that purports to be a democracy. A policeman is shown draging a distressed and helpless woman and tossing her into a cell as if she were a tiny rag doll. She was injured in more ways than stated. We must reform the police as a matter of urgency as one suspects that woman's treatment is the norm rather than  an occasional incident.

Why is this idea important?

The iodea is important because it is our lives and reputations as a people and as a functional institution called a democratic state. We should aspire to things better than bullying coppers beating peole to death on streets, abusing many more, ignoring their duties to us as the public and, in the case in point, grabbing a woman and lterally dragging her through a police station and hurling her into a cell.

Was that fat, ignorant, balding copper the only one in that station? Who held the door open for him to drag that tiny, screaming woman through? Why did no other copper arrest the one who abused the woman in full view? This is a disgracefull matter. Politicians must clear up this aspect of Labour's destruction and politicisation of the police. ACTION THIS DAY!

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