Lots of talk about owning guns etc for self defence. Although I now live in the USA and own guns and have a concealed carry pemit I agree it is not in the British psyche. However current law forbids anyone to carry anything which can be conceived as a weapon and this is wrong. Any mugger knows that it is unlikely that their victim can defend themselves – so the nurse coming off a late shift and having to take the tube home when it is deserted then walk from the station to home is vulnerable. For gods sake make some defence items legal such as pepper spray, short baton whatever. The criminals have them because they are criminals, like they carry knives – more legislation on knives only affects the law abiding citizen. For years even before I came to the US I carried a lock knife with a 3" blade thinking it was legal – I now discover I was breaking the law. That is crazy as I carry it out of habit and use it daily for all sorts of things. I feel naked without it. My wife as a nurse often used to walk from Ancoats hospital with her scissors in her hand in her coat pocket.

Why is this idea important?

Self defence is a human right but you have to be equipped. The current laws stupidly turn people into victims by forbidding any kind of self defence tool as it is immediatly called an "Offensive" weapon when in fact it is defensive. It is the intent that makes a weapon "offensive". So the law abiding are vulnerable by definition. As a martial artist of 40 years and an ex-Royal Marine I would have to think carefully about intervening if I saw someone being attacked in England. The attacker would probably be armed in some way and I would not.

Incidentally in Wyoming there are over 1 million guns and 500,000 population and the crime rate is way less than the UK average. Most crime is in the big cities like Chicago and likewise most violent crime happens where the laws are the strictest AGAINST guns etc. Interesting I thought?

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