The whole of HMRC and the tax collection system needs a complete re-write.

The institution is a complete dinosaur with processes that are pointless, repetitive, staff that don't know the tax laws, are unmotivated and stuck in a world where the real world of business problems and drivers have no meaning fro them at all.

Consolidate the IT systems, get rid of the systems suppliers that cost the country such huge amounts of money just to shuffl bits of paper about.

Steamline the tax system itself, aim for flat rates, get rid of the pointless beurocracy and hugley frustrating and unbending rules and regulations.

It will mean lots of brave decisions and a lot of pain but even the medium term results will be utterly worth it.



Why is this idea important?

The whole organisation is such a dinosaur.

It has systems that simply don't work and processes that are stuck in the jurassic age – and a complete re-vamp will actually raise more money for the exchequer!

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