Abandon the age of consent (?)

That all laws relating to the age of consent either be repealed

or, alternatively


Why does this idea matter?

With mainstream television channels putting out programs that condone and encourage under-age sex it must surely be obvious that the State, Media and Police are pretending that there are no such laws. In such a circumstance it merely shows that sectors of the population can simply pick and choose which laws they are going to observe.

I understand that the age of consent is set at an arbitrary figure, but the same can be said for any number of other serious matters in which there is an age limit.

 Personally I think it is appropriate to have an age of consent. It pains me that in my locality "The Brooke" actively facilitate and encourage "sexual health" in 11 year olds (and possibly younger) and I would prefer to see members of that particular body prosecuted for being complicit in child abuse. I understand that my views may be from a different era and although I may not like it that I may be in the minority.

I urge you to consider the matter, if the law is there for a valid reason then enforce it, if not then get rid of it.


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