Abandon the plans to switch off analogue radio


Why is this idea important?

There is no supportable reason for these proposals especially at the current time

The technicalarguement for the proposed changes are well documented and do not provide improvements that are value for money especially in the current economic circumstances. these proposals would provide unnecesary enforced expenditure on the citizens of this country and appear to ridicule the cost reductions planned by government. I also question the economic benifit to this countries industry the effect of associated imports on the balance of payments.

Has a detailed cost benifit analysis been done for proposal instead of the usual glib financial implications comments that are used in whitepapers

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  1. Dont Switch off FM Radio.

    FM works properly, let us not switch over to something that doesn’t work properly, especially for those on the move, ie in cars and trucks. FM is a proven and reliable service. Lets keep it.

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