I would like to add my voice to the thousands of others demanding the repeal of the Digital Economy Act, and in particular the proposal to stop broadcasting national radio on FM. 

Why is this idea important?


DAB is already an out-of-date technology and is demonstrably worse than a good FM signal – to say nothing of the issues around battery life, and the cost of replacing millions of perfectly good domestic and adapting car radios.   

Another feature which I find particularly irritating is the delay of up to several seconds caused by the sets decoding and reconstructing the signal – which varies even between different digital sets.  This makes for uncomfortable listening if more than one radio in the house is tuned to the same station.  It will also make it impossible to broadcast accurate time signals, and the chimes of Big Ben will no longer tell us the right time to set our clocks by.    Remember that song by Henry Hall – "the daily times that Big Ben chimes are radio times".  Well they're not on digital radio, and I for one deplore it.

The digital economy bill has to be the most ill-thought-through and rushed piece of legislation even by the standards of the previous administration.  If the new government persists with it we will know that Nick Clegg's exercise in democracy in asking us which bills to repeal was simply window-dressing.

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