The South East plan was the previous labour governments plan to dump 654160 houses in South-east England by 2026, with each council or unitary authority being set various targets.


Councils are obliged to continue moving forward with their local plans until the new coalition government modifies or abandons this legal enforceable strategy.


The plan promotes massive over building in the south-east, with no allowances for availability of land, provision of infrastructure, loss of countryside and local opposition.

Why is this idea important?

The original plan envisages approximately 30000 homes being built in the southeast each year over the next 16 odd years.


West Berkshire alone has been allocated 10600 homes, Reading 12200 and Wokingham 10460, 2500 south of the M4 to meet demand within the Reading area, all in a relatively small part of the Thames valley.


This plan risks simply turning south east England into one monotones wasteland of concrete and tarmac, with no thought given to the degraded standard of living, lack of supporting infrastructure and loss of Countryside and open spaces.


West Berkshire along simply cannot accommodate the density of building demanded without building on open countryside, farmland and wooded areas, which form the lungs of our communities.

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