Remove the power for local authorities to introduce alcohol control zones.

People should be free to drink outside a pub or in the park as long as they are not creating a niusance. Some local authorities (such as Greenwich) are considering using this power to ban drinking in all public areas. There is already a ban in Greenwich town centre and it has ruinied one of my favourite pubs there as we can no longer stand outside in the sunshine with our drinks in the summer.

Why is this idea important?

Why should I be made to feel like a criminal if I want to enjoy a pint sitting outside the pub in the sunshine, or if I want to take a bottle of wine with my picnic in the park. As long as people behave responsibly they should not be criminalised for enjoying themselves. These blanket alcohol bans are not effective and just treat everyone as a potential criminal. The police already have sufficient powers to deal with people who are creating a nuisance.

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