The govenment will save at least £4 million a year, and patient choice will be simplified and made more effective and objective.  When patients use non-efficacious treatment, they are being delayed in getting effective treatment.  

Why is this idea important?

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has confirmed (February 2010), what hundreds of research papers have found, that homeopathy has no scientific or clinical evidence base. Any effect is placebo.

There is naturally an assumption by members of the public, that if the NHS offers some treatment, then it is efficacious. Homeopathy is not efficacious. The public should also be advised by pharmacists that homeopathy has no scientific rationale, and the same should be applied to other non-efficacious alternative treatments.

This will save the government £4m. pounds a year. It will also help patients. Patients who choose ineffective treatments are being delayed in getting access to really proven treatments.

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