This may seem an extreme suggestion, but let me explain.  I'm not sure how many different taxes there are in the UK, but whatever number I guess at, it's sure to be wrong because new taxes are invented pretty regularly. Suffice to say there are hundreds.

The problem is that for every tax, and for every function of Government both nationally and regionally, there is a massive civil servant empire to be funded before the tax actually does what is intended.

The costs pile up, not only is there the obvious infrastructure, buildings to be bought, refurbished, offices to be built and equipped, there are also staffing costs, supervisory staff costs, and of course the obligatory higher staff with a group of directors who get paid annually what most of us will never see in our lifetimes.  In addition, there are the costs of their pensions which in the case of all, is index linked.  If any directors that are found to have done a less than satisfactory job, they are usually paid off with a few million pounds.

We have to pay for Scottish, Irish and Welsh regional governments, and of course the thousands of local government offices and staff, not to mention the biggest quango of them all – The EEC.

We are currently in a recession, and depending on who you listen to, the light at the end of the tunnel is still a long way off, we can no longer afford these regional quangos

Why is this idea important?

Simplification on a massive scale is called for.  The Government got into bed with the Civil Service Union and they have been bleeding us dry ever since, with a program of empire building not seen since the days of "Yes Minister"

One small example of this was when the Poll Tax was introduced, my local Government office that had previosly dealt with the Council Tax, tripled in manpower almost overnight and they have been steadily growing ever since.  The Poll Tax has now gone, but the staff remain and continue to grow.  How can we possibly afford this during a recession?

With a simplification of Government and only a single tax, we are all sure to be paying much less tax overall because we will no longer have to pay for the numerous quangos.  We will be able to sell the hundreds of buildings surplus to requirements which will help pay off at least one surplus Director

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