As a teacher of 25 years i can truly say that one of the sadest and most destructive things that I haqve seen any government do has been to introduce AS levels in 2001.  This has ruined the vith form by putting extra pressure on children instead of allowing them the opportunity to explore their subject areas without the need for external exams in May of their year 12.  It has meant that children are taught less as you can only teach for two terms – April is spent revising for the wretched exams and then the students are not in the mood for work in June.  The exam boards have never been able to cope with the extra workload with ghastly mistakes every year – I now have to check every result I get in August, you just can't trust them anymore.  The quality of knowledge is dumbed down so that , for example an AS level in music is equivalent to an old GCE O level – it is not half of an A level as claimed by the idiots who introduced it.  I have had to dump A level completely and am now using the new Pre-u examination – a thousand times better.

Why is this idea important?

We need to restore standards in education and reduce the pressure on our young people.  Universities ignore AS levels anyway, they are more interested in GCSE results.  We need to allow students to develop their knowledge to a deeper level and not be so obsessed with irrelevent assessment.

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