I have received a penalty charge notice for being in a bus lane on a Bank Holiday Monday.

A bank holiday is, for all other purposes, equivalent to a Sunday and bus timetables reflect this too. Local authorities (eg: Ealing in West London) should not be allowed to penalise motorists simply because the authority has not passed a byelaw confirming that a Bank Holiday should be treated the same as a Sunday for road traffic act purposes.

The rationale for bus lanes is to speed the flow of buses not to penalise otherwise law abiding citizens.

Why is this idea important?

To avoid local authorities exploiting motorists.

2 Replies to “Abolish Bank Holiday bus lane fines”

  1. I agree.
    We too have had the same problem, fine for being in bus lane on Bank holiday.

    There is also the issue about bus lanes on a single road, ie Kenton Road with different restrictions. I all day restriction the other only during peak hours, this further adds confusion.

  2. Last Bank Holiday Monday (28th Sep 2017) we went into a bus lane which have restrictions Monday to Friday in Greenford Road on the understanding that the Bank Holiday is same as Sunday. Few days later I received a PCN. I don’t see any logic in penalising motorists using bus lane on the Bank Holiday, except authorities know that the car owner are money making machines. At the same time I would also like to point out that the Ealing Council has created restricted Parking Zones in almost every residential areas adding misery to the motorists. I wish someone looks into this and pay a serious thought.

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