Abolish the Business Rate.  It is based on assumptions as to the rental value of the site.  It is slow to respond to changing circumstances.  It's appeal process attracts an industry of conmen (often).  It employs an army of civil servants to administer bot h in the Valuation Services and the Local Authority collecting the rate.  The money all (except 5%) go direct to central government.

Why not just increase Corporation Tax/Income Tax for Business people and work out some way of ensuring foreign companies operating in this country also pay something for their site.  This system of collection is a tried and tested relatively simple method, based on facts and figures and directly related to the well-being of the company and its ability to pay.  It is quicker to respond to changes in circumstances.  The appeal industry would cease to be needed doing away with some of the businesses costs that get conned each year. 

Simple, just need to convince the Local Authorites to give it up!!!!

Why is this idea important?

Simpler to operate for business, more equitable for business, less conmen, simpler for government, sack lots of civil servants.  Less cost all around.  Win, win situation except for the civil servants out of jobs.  

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