Abolish car tax and put the tax onto fuel instead. Too many untaxed vehicles are being driven on our roads and this is a 100% guaranteed way to eradicate this issue and make it fairer for all.  Those who use and therefore damage roads more pay the most! Those who use their vehicles less pay less.

Why is this idea important?

  • There are too many untaxed vehicles being driven on our roads
  • No-one could avoid paying tax on fuel!
  • Heavy road users would pay more than light road users so it is a fairer system
  • The cost and time of policing could be reduced since there would be no non displayers of tax discs to look for. 
  • No disc to display = greener environment!
  • Economical and ecological savings – people would consider the need to drive everywhere more carefully






Those using the roads a little will pay less than those using them more often


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