Abolish CMSA

I feel there should not be a csa or as now known cmsa.

Parents should be able to sort out their child maintenance between them as it seems very heavily unfair on fathers who both love and support their children and are penalised when they already are happy to come to an arrangement with the mother.

This would save the government many thousands of pounds as this department has always been controversial. It is an intrusion into the lives of so many. In my view parents should take the responsibility themselves and if a mother or parent is not receiving anything from the other parent, they should seek legal advice, but it is a personal matter and not one that the state should be involved in. 

Speaking personally, as a mother and divorcee myself who did not go to the CSA or indeed take any money from my ex as i knew he couldnt afford it, and i didnt want to have animosity, i find it hard to understand mothers who can be so thoughtless about their ex partners financial situation. I remarried and my new husband's ex has made our life very difficult as we were at one point left with so little money to manage on i had to take antidepressants..

Why does this idea matter?

See above. It would save the government a great deal of money removing the department and also stop the animosity it causes in a lot of situations.

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