Council Tax in my view should be abolished, we have a perfectly good central tax collecting system in the Inland revenue. Surely the way forward is to raise income tax by 0.?% and collect at source this money.

The cost of collecting council tax must be nationally huge, each council must employ its own team of staff to administer this tax, then there are another team of Civil servants working on Council Tax Benefit, not to mention the team working on late payers, legal action etc etc.

In a time of sweeping cuts, surely the abolishment of this stupid tax must make sense.

An increase in Income tax, would sort out the means testing arguement!

I am sure it is not too difficult for the Inland revenue to indicate how much an individual local authority would receive based on that authorities residents income tax.


Good idea or is it to easy??

Why is this idea important?

This idea  would save vast tax payer spending on civil servants doing a job that is already being done (very well) by another group of civil servants. This government wants to save money, well here is a solution, without removing any frontline services, increasing waiting lists, sending soldiers to war ill equipped etc. Might put some civil servants on JSA for a bit, but thats going to happen anyway!

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  1. Council tax is regressive in that the burden of it is not predicated on income and therefore the ability of the citizen to pay. The tax is predicated on the value of the property in which people live, their home, whether they own or rent. This is in effect a fee to the state to continue dwelling in ones home, which if defaulted that home may be lost. The duty of the state is to protect the essential interests of the citizen, and those legally resident within its jurisdiction, that no-one should be under the constant threat of the loss of the their home, property or both because of the bluntness of such a tax.

    Using the mechanism established and developed by the state in collecting taxes should permit local taxation to be collected as an income tax, solely based on income. Tax must be fair and progressive and no-one should be threaten or feel threatened by taxation. If the people perceive that they are merely a punitive source of revenue the question must be considered how that revenue is affordable as a burden of tax upon the citizen.

    I should argue that tax is oppressive to the individual and potentially detrimental to the public morale, as such the perception of tax must be lightened in that perception since there is no alternative.

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