Firts of all very slow  web-site, but only to be expected. Why oh why oh why ? have dentists got to register with the CQC quango? We ( despite the general public's opinion) carry out a valuable service which much of the time is extremely stressful, requires unique and well honed people-skills, unique and well honed technical skills, unique and well honed management skills and offers a valuable, and by its nature, extremely precise and well executed service, to patients who think their dentist is fantastic. Dentists are currently regulated by the GDC and their relevant PCT. We undergo inpections, evaluations, we are self governed and work to standards which hospitals, care homes and the like can only dream of. Registration with the CQC will be extremely onerous, it will involve an immense amount of work which will be of no benefit to our patients. No one has managed to convince me that satisfying the 28 outcomes of the CQC will in any way improve the treatment our patients receive, the safety of our patients, or the overall quality of their care. Unfortunately we will have to pay a significant sum of money for the privelege (sic) of this registration. Please! stop this lunacy now

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because :

  • Everyone in the profession agrees that registration with the CQC is an utter waste of time.
  • Registration can and will (for some practices) start from October, and the BDA has put diddly squat on its web-site to help, because no one has a clue about what to do.
  • CQC will not improve patient care or the quality of the care they receive because the notion itself is oxymoronic.
  • I suspect many dentists in th 50+ category with all their experience will say enough is enough, and hang up their boots for the last time. This is truly the straw that will fracture that poor camel's back.

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