yet again another attempt to make it even more difficult to spend our time as dental professionals to what it matters most and I mean providing clinical dentsitry rather than bureaucratic dentistry. This idea has floorished from  probably a group of people who do not know anything about the real world of a busy dental professionals life.

This will hit small practices hardest where the available funding for complying with all these unneceassry regulations is very limited. Deep inside I do believe that this is an attempt to get rid of small practices .However no matter whether we are small single surgery practices or large multi surgery and corporate, I really do think we should stand side by side altogether and protest against these meaningless waste of resoursces. 

We probably have never been good at showing the authorities and other governing bodies that we are the one who actually providing the actual work for the people and we should be consulted in this and probably many other respects . An unhappy professional with huge burden on his/hers shoulder to deal with these meaningless regulations will not be able to provide high quality of the service that these penpusher are looking for

We should go out really strong and hopefully with a large majority can show that they can not run over us and if we do that once probably we gain a little more respect and they will treat us better next time.

Just look at the BA cabin crews strike action , London undergrounds staff strike and many other who successfully have won the respect of their counterpart.

Why cant we do the same??!!

Why is this idea important?

We have to show that together we are strong and they can not time after time come with new ideas without having the courtesy to consult us about these vital issues.We should be treated respectfully and if this goes on which I suspect that this is just the beginning I will be dreading to see what comes next.

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