I would like to see the removal of all CRB checks for people working with children or the vulnerable.

Why is this idea important?

Because CRB checks operate on a "guilty until proved innocent" basis, which is contrary to the values which Britain has upheld for so many centuries.

These checks are ridiculous anyway, as anyone has the opportunity of commiting a crime the day after they have received clearance.

Also, children are put at more risk when would-be volunteers are put off running organisations or helping with school outings etc. because of the CRB process they would have to undergo.  This means that children miss out on vital experiences and/or are left to play in the streets, as they have nowhere to go.

We all want children to be safe but the world is not a perfect place and these checks will not stop the small minority of real criminals obtaining clearance (as has already been proved at a nursery in Devon, for example). 

Nor do we want children to be suspicious of every adult they meet, as this does no favours to community cohesion.

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  1. complete agree with you. Anyone at all can commit a crime and a CRB only proves you have been caught. We have a law for a reason and people who commit a crime, are charged pay the penalty whatever it may be, why remind them day in day out what they have done wrong in life. We all want to protect children but sugar coating the world and potraying it as a lovely place will just make them grow up with false hopes and illusions. People are people wherever you go and a CRB clearance doesnt make someone nice. Kids need to build up a natural resistance not be wrapped in cotton wool.

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