this law dates back to 19th century when it made sense as people walked everywhere and was the only way to go from A to B.

These days pavements are hardly used by people as nowdays everyone drives. In addition, roads are very dangerous for cyclists as drivers dont leave enough space and can easily clip the handles with their side mirrors.

Looking at the Continent, no one seem to have an issue with cycling on the pavement. Duch seem to cope very well with cycling on the pavement so the Germans the French, Italians, Spanish, etc.

So this is an out dated law which doesn not make sense anymore.

Sometimes I can see people being stop for cycling along the pedestrianised high street when there is hardly anyone around. To me this does not make sense.

Same applies when cycling along the promenade. It is ok to cycle on a sunny Sunday with loads of people in May but it is not ok to cycle during the week in a cloudy day in July when there are few people walking on the beach……. 

Why is this idea important?

Saves lives as cyclist wont be force to cycle on the road when they feel is dangerous.

Encourage more people to cycle and reduce CO2 emissions, reduce traffic congestion.


thank you

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