While HMRC have lost certain status such as preffered creditor, it still enjoy massive amount of powers over individuals and companies.

HMRC have rights such as distraint where they can seize property from your premises or house "bailiff style".

They can also upon deciding "judge and jury" that you are using your car for tobacco or alcohol contraband, seize the said vehicle at the port.

They make enormous mistakes but it is never their faults and yet, they have the right to request people be put in prison when their only error is not knowing they were no longer entitled to certain benefits or tax credits.

Why is this idea important?

There is a need for a rebalance of powers. HMRC just has too much power. If it came from an organisation that makes few mistakes, one may understand. Unfortunately HMRC have far too much ability to ruin, by its mistakes, many people's lives.

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