As I understand it, the EYFS  was set up to look at the provision of appropriate standards of care for children who were in childcare in whatever form, prior to starting school in order to ensure every child had the best start when they went to primary school. Because of the way it has been administered with the cut off age being 0-5 inclusive, this requires reception teachers in primary schools to apply the same criteria, as well as out of school settings like holiday clubs and after school clubs.
As part of the remit,  each child requires a key worker, who is aware of their learning goals and needs to communicate these to other professionals involved with the child’s care as well as parents, to ensure the child’s learning needs are met.
I believe the regulations should be abolished for all children who have started school regardless of age.

Why is this idea important?

Applying EYFS criteria to children who have begun school is unnecessary-
This becomes farcical in a holiday club setting and impractical and unnecessary in the after school setting – I don’t want my child to have learning and development requirements assessed in the times when I just want her to be winding down and relaxing after school, or having fun and playing in the school holidays. 
Whilst  my daughters after school club has done an admirable job in meeting the requirements I think it is totally ridiculous they are having to jump through these hoops to provide wrap around care for 2hrs, on 2 days a week!
It gets even worse when we start to look at Holiday clubs. The practicalities in fulfilling the EYFS requirements including individual key workers have meant that in our area, the local council run holiday clubs, cannot hope to meet the requirements, so now no longer accept children under 6.
Governments at every turn seem to encourage mothers to return to the work place yet with this legislation in place it actively hampers them, causing much stress.
I would really appreciate it if you could bring this to the attention of someone involved in the implementation of this legislation. If the wording was changed to state that it only applied to children of the ages of 0-5 who had NOT yet started school it would be infinitely more sensible!
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  1. I totally agree with the above statement. it is important to remember that after school clubs, holiday clubs are operated by qualified playworkers who’s learned mantra is that play is for plays sake. almost all staff including supervisors do not agree with the EYFS, national playwork organisations and greet playwork scholars do not agree with the EYFS. Leave Play alone!

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