The Early Years Foundation Stage was the ultimate socialist act of social engineering in the early years sector, The use of public money to regulate pre school years care was unbelievable. The attempt to place childminders, nursery schools and schools on an equal footing is absurd. Childminders are small businesses who trade from their homes and yet they have been asked to be like schools who have resources way beyond any childminder. The whole EYFS process needed to be implemented, trained, monitored and audited which all costs money. Yet there is less money available to the child. Scrap EYFS with immediate effect and use some of the money saved to fund free childcare in a variety of settings. EYFS has been a bandwagon for insecure women to jump onto in order to raise their status and worth. We all now a good mum when we see one. Furthermore, a series of other regulations somehow followed ie food hygiene, hire cars, HSW, etc etc

Why is this idea important?

We need to ensure that our children are cared for in a safe and secure environment and allowed to grow at their rate in a loving and caring home environment – not driven by a government sponsored autocratic , dogmatic and outcome driven system. You don't need an NVQ level 3 or a degree to be a parent so why does the government think we need them to be childminders. There is nowhere in the EYFS policy documents which provides potty training guidance !!  We need a market place free from stupid regulations in order for businesses to grow and prosper.

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