The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 Section 23 inserted a section into the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  The relevant section of the EPA 1990 is 94B and schedule 3A – To give the power to local authorities to fine promoters for littering.

Whether they actually are in the habit of dropping litter or not!

Note that this is not Primary Legislation.  Yet as soon as this became law it was ruthlessly enforced.  As local promoters went under or bust the local authorities involved went into promotion themselves. 

Firstly in the most out of the way places like Sheffield and Newquay where people didn't realise that this wasn't normal in the promotional industries and then in local authority after local authority until eventually the legislation reached Brighton and then finally the
London Comedy Circuit

Many promoters now have to pay what are needless TAXes to their local authority to clear up the litter they allegedly create when it should be perfectly possible to identify litter-creating promoters from their own promotional literature.

This legislation was never VOTED for in any MANIFESTO by anyone – it was appended to one act by another.

It doesn't bring in any substantial income to the local authority, it puts promoters and small businesses out of businesses, it gives councillors a political control over promoting which verges on censorship and it's hugely damaging to the live comedy and music industries and hugely expensive to enforce. 

How can Sheffield Council justify charging even the world's most untidy promoter £45 a day to promote their event? Brighton Council even has the brass nerve to charge more for a licence after 7pm on the grounds that their council workers "may have to work anti social hours" in order to pick up litter that may not even neccessarilly be created.  This is just greed by the local authority and bordering on prejudice against the promotional industries.  I mean, why does Cornwall have a flyering ban?  I can understand someone wanting to regulate Leicester Square even though I dont agree with it … but Cornwall?  Yes, I have gigged there it's not the nightlife center of the world (No, offence Cornwall but you know what I mean.

Please sign the petition and help us kill this piece of legislative nonsense


Why is this idea important?

Here are some stories that I have collated dating back to the start of the bans to show how they are used to victimise individuals and create unemployment and restrict freedom of speech and social mobility, criminalising ordinary people and damaging police/public relations.

and here is the story of the Westminster Council Leicester Square Flyering ban

From Shop keepers, to music promoters, to clowns and cats called fluffy – Yes, 8 cats called Fluffy convicted of anti-social flyposting … the legislation does nothing but kill creativity and enterprise.

It's part of a raft of legislation to legislate away social activity deemed as unecconomic which is actually vitaly important to the performing arts.

If you analyse the Fringe Festival in purely economic terms it makes a massive loss but that is not the point of it.  You cannot have big festivals without small clubs – there will be no pool to develop talent from.  I am sick of having TV names on my open mike night because the other clubs that they used to be able to test stuff out at have been driven bust by the flyering ban.


Governments should facilitate promoters not try to do it all themselves because in order to promote you dont just need money you need a vision.

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