To abolish this extremely expensive and pointless regulations HTM-01-05 and associated HTM -01 regulations.   

Why is this idea important?

The HTM -01 regulaions have sweeping effects on alsorts of clinical practice. HTM-01-05 referes to dentistry. To go along with these regulations will require a change in how dentists treat their patients. While change can be good, the lack of scientific evidence to support these changes is appalling. The main driver is the distruction of prions which are associated with new variant CJD. Since in the community at large new variant CJD is not a growing problem, one questions why intoduce these new regulations to control a problem which is almost history. It is very much an emperor's new clothes situation. The costs will be very considerable for practices with no overt benefit. There is very little evidence that current practices in cross infection control cause any major problems. The problems which do arise are from poor practice not current good/best practice. There is no need for these regulations. 

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