After a British citizen has demonstrated that his/her marraige to a foreign spouse is not a sham there can be no justification for the huige visa fees which families must pay just to stay together. These fees inevitably run into thousands of pounds and must be paid if the foreign spouse is to remain.

While everybody understands and accepts that sham marriages must be exposed, surely a British citizen must have the right to keep his/her family together in his own coutry without incurring huge fees.

Why is this idea important?

Huge pressure and expense is constantly heaped upon perfectly legitimate families because they are an easy target for immigration reform. However, foreign spouses reporesent a tiny minority of immigrants as a whole and are generally the least problematic of all immigrant groups. They are by their very nature teh most willing to integrate and are almost certain to speak at leat basic English because they ahve an English partner. They have also already proven that they can support themselves, have somewhere to live, and are not criminals before they enter the country.

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