I think there are better ways to have someone to contribute to society than to tax them on there income. The current system is unfair as it punishes success and effort. One person is taking on benefits the other is getting taxed more than half of their income. As someone young it seems the path of least resistance to forget my potential and just say "oh well i am useless now give me a house, benefits and all the other hand outs and not have to give anything back".

It also makes the government needy on people working as much as possible. It encourages It a unbalance in some people lives.



Why is this idea important?


As someone I that likes valve for money I believe it is immoral to force someone to pay for more than they are receiving. It causes people to seek out every possible loop hole to limit there tax. this is easy for them to justify as it seems so unfair to pay so much tax.

If it was current system was correct then you would see people being proud of there contributions.

So I suggest paying for what you receive and not more. if you don't pay then you cant live in that area. give people a say (vote) on how money is spent. 

if you think what about low wage jobs as they wont be able to afford to live in a richer area then I say take the bin man for example. they start on low wages as people don't valve the job yet after a while of having no bins collected people soon will adjust and be willing to pay more for that task causes a rice it bin collection wages. The low wages end up not so low. if this does not happen the people clearly don't valve that trade/skill and the area does not need it.

I believe this would reform fairness in the financial world. and put pride back into contributing to society.

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