Leucotomy/Lobotomy Operations have been outlawed in much of Europe and few have been performed in the UK since 1999.  There is no scientific basis for their continuation; they are barbaric and an embarrassment to the medical profession and have been rebranded as NSMD Neurosurgery for Mental Disorder.  The operation involves the destruction of healthy brain tissue to address such mental distress as depression, anxiety and more recently and of great concern, obsessive compulsive disorder.  I would like to see the operation outlawed in the Uk, giving greater preference to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the only talking therapy with empirical research to prove its efficacy.  MIND, the Mental Health Charity, have been campaigning for some years for leucotomy/lobotomy operations to be outlawed. 

Why is this idea important?

This is a barbaric procedure that legally can still be carried out without patient consent in certain circumstances.  It reflects a gross infringement of civil liberties of those most vulnerable in our society.  Patients have suffered severe and permanent side effects such as epilepsy and there have been numerous fatalities as a result of this operation being botched.

2 Replies to “Abolish Leucotomy/Lobotomy Operations in the UK”

  1. will you ever be passing a law to give compensation to its past patients/victims or are you into promoting slavery .
    in film slumdog millionare there is a scene where blind beggars supposedly earn more and a child is about to have his eyes ripped out with a spoon so his earning potential increases and is unlikely to run away from his slave master, in the uk lobotomies were performed on children in 1970 era and years later atos and ukgov wants to send the resultant cabbaged head individuals to jobs like toilet cleaners, they too are unlikely to leave their slave master as unable to emigrate due to poverty and disability ,
    tell your Cameron government and their atos slavery regime members who force past psychiatric victims into slavery servitude that they are sick bastards

  2. The NHS UK is just another Nazi System free of charge. No Warring factions just THEM IN CONTROL OVER THE MASSES and THE BIG MONIES SPENT TO PAY FOR THE DRUGS AND MEDICATIONS AGAIN TOO CONTROL THE MASSES. DO AS THEY SAY, DONT DARE DO AS THEY DO. BECAUSE there is ALWAYS THE LOBOTOMY that will make U see their senseless, and heinous way TO OBEY.
    ZIEG HEIL had a much clearer and open face value. The West do it under cover and covertly under pretense THAT LOBOTOMY OPERATIONS HAVE GONE AWAY, I ASSURE U WORLD WIDE. THAT THEY HAVE NOT,them in power just would have U All believe that.

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