Abolish the amended NHS Pharmaceutical Services Regulations 2005 that prevent GP’s from dispensing NHS drugs to patients living within 1.6 km of the Surgery dispensary if a new Chemist opens in the same village.

Why is this idea important?

Here in Bloxham, Oxfordshire, we have a GP Practice that has dispensed prescriptions from the premises for many years, which is obviously of great benefit to all the patients.  Last year a new Chemist opened in the village, and due to the above regulation, The GP’s are no longer allowed to dispense medicines to patients living nearby, although they can still dispense to patients living more than 1.6km from the Surgery.  

This is complete nonsense and is causing a great deal of inconvenience, as well as possibly meaning that the Surgery dispensary will have to close as keeping it going  is no longer viable- already one member of staff has been dismissed.

 No public interest is being served by enforcing such a monopoly and it is time this Regulation was scrapped.


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