We need to restore professional freedom to the teachers. The only targets in Education should be those of the students. Teachers should teach. Assessment and testing should be greatly simplified, particularly in Primary Education, and teachers should be free to teach in their own way. The National Curriculum should cover only the essentials of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic which do need to be approached in a standard way to ensure that children moving between schools will not suffer confusion of methods. There has been a revolution in the Education system but it should stop now to free the teachers to do the job of teaching.      

Why is this idea important?

The present system is destroying our best teachers through shear overwork, over-supervision, and stifled creativity. They live in fear of Ofsted inspections which distorts the way in which they do their jobs. The demands placed on teachers have become totally unrealistic. Excellent, dedicated teachers are working up to 80 hours a week in term time, to the detriment of their families, their relationships and their health. Remove the excessive regulation, paperwork,and inspection and see education improve. Carry on as we are and see education deteriorate. You can't keep a teacher working at crisis point for a whole career. We must stop burning out good teachers.  

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