From  6th April 2010, an amendment has been made to the Use Classes Order of The Town and Country Planning Act.  What this means is that if you rent a house to three or more unrelated individuals it requires planning permission.

Why is this idea important?

This law was intended to keep some areas from having too many student accomodations, however, there are no students in our area. there are quite a few couples with a baby or three workers who want to share a house. Which landlord is going to pay over £300 and wait up to two months to get planning permission for three individuals to rent a house? We normally move people into houses well within one month. Was this intended to overwhelm or stealth-fund planning departments? It's unworkable and being ignored. I don't think most landlords even realise that this law exists and even Council Housing Departments don't seem to be looking for people who break this law. Get rid of it as an exercise in red tape with so little benefit it's unbelievable.

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