I do not understand why talented graduates need to undertake a QTS skills test in order to become teachers. On my PGCE course there are graduates who have achieved 1st class honours degrees in Maths and Science yet are still expected to undertake a QTS skills test in numeracy and ICT.  Additionally, finishing university dissertations and extended essays must imply a considerable level of literacy. If a potential teacher's literacy, numeracy and IT skills are not adequate, it should be up to teacher training colleges to provide  the trainee with ways of improving and then demonstrating these skills.

Why is this idea important?

1. Save money

2. Value a graduate skills and knowledge base from passing a three-year BSc honours degree after attending a top UK university.

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6 Replies to “Abolish QTS skills tests for university graduates”

  1. I totally agree with your comments . The QTS Tests must be Abolished . I have strong good Qualifications in Maths, Science and English . Every University I have been too has made me take an English and maths test to see how competent I am in these areas . This should be enough with their test and the GCSE grades that should be enough to enter the course . The QTS skills tests are unnecessarily hard , with a 3 parts math question to be answered in 30 secs it is nearly impossible . Also the rule about not being able to re-take for 2 years if you fail 3 times is barbaric . They say they are crying out for teachers but they are turning brilliant candidates away with their stupid tests . ABOLISH THE QTS NOW . So that we might have the freedom to pursue the career we want to do .

  2. I have worked, for the past six years, in order to pursue a teaching career. I initially worked as a nursery nurse but when I was made redundant I applied for a LSA job, in a primary school, and felt lucky to get the position.
    I was already doing a foundation degree in working with Children and Young People and decided to top it up to a full degree, with honours, in order to go into teaching. During my studies, I unfortunately lost my dad, suddenly. However, instead of giving up, I threw myself into my final year because teaching was my main focus. Unfortunately, at the start of my final year, I lost my uncle, who I looked after and cared for very much. Again, instead of giving up I kept going.
    I was so happy to achieve a 2:1 degree!
    I then realised, in order to train as a teacher, I needed to re-sit my maths. This was something I didn’t feel confident in but after six months of revision…I passed. My next hurdle was a GCSE in science (something else I found hard at school). I enrolled in September and sat the exam in the following January…again, I passed!!!
    Yeah, finally I was on my way. Being thirty eight, I felt in a rush to get into teaching. I was lucky enough to get an ITT place in a school because most places had been filled, but I had to wait for my Science results.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went for my literacy QTS test and passed, first time. Next, was the maths (which I dreaded). I revised and was getting 70-80% on the practise ones, however on the first try I was one mark off passing…one mark!!! Gutted…
    I revised even more, to fail again but by four marks!! I was so nervous!!
    Anyway I was sure to pass on my third and final try because I had revised every night and passed every practise test.
    The day of the test…I felt ok, I was prepared. I looked at the clock and there was two minutes left…three questions to go!!! I knew I wasn’t going to do it, but I knew I had to because it’s all I’d worked for. I went to collect my results…failed again…by one mark!!! Gutted isn’t the word.
    I feel lost, I even feel like I’m grieving for something I’ve lost.
    Well I agree, abolish these tests. They are screaming out for teachers because so many are leaving the profession but the government persist in putting barriers in the way for people who would make great teachers.
    I could handle a year…but two!!! Ridiculous!!!

  3. I agree these ridiculous tests should be abolished. I also studied for science , maths GCSE’s and completed a degree while working full time as an HLTA. I entered a teacher training year on a graduate teacher programme (the final group to take skills tests at the end of training, rules were changed during my training year – preventing unlimited resits and increasing pass marks, allowing only 2 resits) I passed all aspects of my course gaining good to outstanding grades but just found the maths skills test really tricky and its irrelevant – who needs to answer maths questions in 18 secs as part of a professional role ? I failed by 2 then 1 mark (I would have passed if the pass mark hadn’t been raised during my training year!) These tests should be scrapped!

  4. These have to go! I am a graduate and have been accepted onto a teaching course, the only thing standing in my way is the numeracy test. Its not even the entire test I struggle with, it is just the stupidly difficult mental arithmetic section?!?!! 18 seconds to answer a 3 stage question ? whoever designed these tests needs to be sacked.

  5. I agree, the QTS Professional Skills Test need to go.
    I think all those who agree that the tests need to go, need to get together and create a campaign as well as a petition which gets a lot of exposure so that we can reach at least 10,000 people who will sign it.
    In 2016, I passed my English Literature degree with a really good grade (2:1). I had a B in my English GCSE but I also needed my maths GCSE, so I passed that in 2016 too. Only to discover that the QTS maths test is completely unfair time-wise. Any calculations that a teacher will need to do, can be easily done with a calculator. I find the English QTS test pretty easy, the maths one is just something else.

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