Make it legal again to deny employment or services to people on the criterion of race.

Why is this idea important?

Racial discrimination legislation is an idea whose time has well and truly gone. Before it was originally introduced many people in authority did actually discriminate.

Nowadays what employer with at least half a brain would want to discriminate? All you are doing is limiting your job applicant pool. Obviously the more applicants to choose from the better the final choice. Ditto the landlord with the more applicants for the house for rent  will mean the higher rent to collect or the most respectable tenant. What business that deals with the public everyday would want to get a reputation for being racist?

Plus, look at advertising, marketing and the entertainment industry today. It is very fashionable to be multicultural. It would be absolute sales poison to even get whispers that your company has certain attitudes with regards to race.

Unfortunately the practical application of the racial discrimination legislation today is that minorities who lose their jobs or fail to get jobs or accommodation tend to look, with litigation in mind, for other reasons why they lost out. (This is hardly unique, EVERYONE always has an alternate reason why they failed in their current endeavour.) Considering they probably truly believe they were discriminated against when giving evidence, it makes it that much easier in court, especially if you have a competent lawyer at hand, to coerce lots of money out of the poor schmuck who genuinely thought they weren’t suitable.  

One more thing: For the 3% of employers who actually might still discriminate. Wouldn’t it be better for minorities to be employed by the 97% of bosses who remain colour-blind and value their contribution, rather than be employed by those people forced to employ them yet throughout their employment always remain cold and aloof never letting the poor employee know for what reason they just never seem to make the grade?

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