I would like the rent act 1997 to be abolished and for siiting tenants to be treated the same as all other tenants. 



Why is this idea important?

The rent act 1997 gives too much protection to the tenant and reduces the civil liberites of the landlord.

I inherited a house from my parents that had a sitting tenant living in it. He is a protected tenant as he has lived there since the 1980's and therefore he does not have to move out. My parents worked hard all their lives to be able to afford a nice house and decided to have a tenant inorder to generate some extra income.

However the house that they passed on to me is worth very little because of it having a sitting tenant.

One option would be for me and my young daughter to move into the house. However I am very uncomfortable about this as the tenant behaves very strangelyand I do not feel safe in the house.

I would like all tenants and landlords to be governed by the same law. Why should there be a seperate law for some tenants, just because they starting renting a room in the 1980's. The rent act 1977 is extremely unfair and I would like the balance of rights between the tenant and landord to be realigned in accordance with the current law for tenants who started renting after the 1980's. 

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