To eliminate almost entirely the system of checks and assessment for welfare recipients.


Why is this idea important?


The present welfare system in the UK is one based on old foundations. The policies of both The Party Formerly Known As Labour and Conservative-LibDem "coalition" reflect a neo-Victorian and pseudo-moralistic ideological base.

It is a fact little disputed that the official number of vacancies in the UK is about 400,000. There are about 1.5 million (and growing to 2 million soon) officially unemployed; there are also nearly 3 million people partly or wholly disabled and a further 5 million "economically inactive", meaning people unemployed but who have modest funds and so need not jump through hoops to get £65 per week dole money (and housing benefit).

In the premises, there are about 10 million people even now who are for whatever reason not working, plus 20 million pensioners. This figure will grow not only by reason of the present cutbacks etc, but also because millions of people aged 60-70 will soon be reclassified as "seeking work" rather than "pensioners". within 5 years, there will be perhaps 15 million people "seeking" work or forced to do so, with probably little more than a half million jobs actually available.

It is time for a truly radical rethink. My proposal is to ditch the absurd hoops through which both the "unemployed" and "disabled" must jump to "prove" that they are "seeking work" or "genuinely disabled" etc. The figures show the pointlessness of it all.

Ditching the "hoops" and "obstacle courses" means that tens of thousands of paper-pushers in Jobcentres, assessment centres and private but State (tax)-funded "incentivizing course" promoters etc, can just be done away with. Jobcentres are a waste of space and money and can be done away with.


A small team can target the real large-scale welfare fraudsters, who are few.

My proposal does mean that a small number of fraudsters may prosper, but the upside is worth it. It also means that millions of people can exist modestly on welfare without having to be degraded and upset by the system put in place by previous governments and which the present "government" seems to want to make worse and more severe yet.

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