Repeal as many as possible of the statutory rights of entry into property used solely as a private dweling that have been given to so many minor officials and employees of local councils. Our homes should be our castles except for the most serious occasions.

Why is this idea important?

The access given would so often be an infringement of our privacy and an intrusion into our private property and private lives. The idea of some council official snooping round our house to see whether he/she can identify improvements that we have made so as to justify increasing the council tax we must pay is quite abhorent.

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  1. i have lodgers but my local council jobsworth does not want me to have any , he claims it is not safe enough to be a a house of mulitple occupancy ( adults ) but is ok for a family to occupy, these people have to much power and they abuse it enforcing silly H&S rules, he claimed a 4 way extension was dangerous in that, why do shops sell them, when i asked the odds for an accident he could not give me a figure, would his time ( and our money) be spent more wisely on road safety????????

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