Road tax is expensive.

Tax on Petrol/diesel is a rip off and we pay more in tax than we do for the fuel

Insurance for cars is excessive, and young drivers can pay over £4,000 for insurance.

MOT is a legal requirement for vehicles over 3 years old.



SCARP Road Tax, Decrease fuel tax.  change insurance to be non-compulsary BUT

Introduce a new scheme – covering all vehicles over 1 year old by

Amending the MOT scheme – increase the cost to £150.00 per vehicle over 1 year old and this must be refreshed when the vehicle changes name.  This cost would include the MOT as it stands for vehicles over 3 years and a certificate of Road worthyness for vehicles over 1 year old, but included in the price includes a contribution towards road tax and minimum third party insurance.

Drivers can elect to carry their own insurance, but this eliminates all those drivers who don't have insurance.  A coloured disc will be displayed in the windscreen as it is now with the tax disc along with a document confirming name of owner, car details and covering thrid part insurance run by central governement.

This scheme is run in countries such a New Zealand.

The fuel duty should be cut and fall in light with the current VAT rate of 17.5% rather than the 60% or thereabout that it is at the moment.  This would encourange drivers to maintain their cars and elect for this scheme.

Young drivers cannot afford to insure their cars and don't this way all cars on the road are insured.

This scheme could also be extended to cover caravans

Why is this idea important?

This will save every car driver in the country money.

It guarantees every UK vehicle carries insurance – how many people have been hit by uninsured drivers, or drivers who have hit and run.

It scraps essentially two different taxes, Road Tax, Fuel Tax, and introduces a very affordable scheme for all drivers.

All vehicles will have to carry one of these certificates, brand new cars would get one from their dealer.  Some new cars don't see a garage until their first MOT when they are 3 years old due to low milage and they don't know how safe their car is.

This ensures all cars on the road are road worthy and safe.

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