To end the process of nationally assessing all children in England at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 and to scrap all official school league tables for primary schools based on these or similar statistics

Why is this idea important?

Currently all children in state primary schools have to undergo rigorous testing at teh end of Key stages 1 & 2 (the end of Infant and Junior schools).  However the value to individual children of these tests is unclear.  Indeed many parents and teachers seem to be of the opinion that these may even be a hinderance to education, as it forces teachers to teach "to the exam" rather than trying to give to providce a balanced and well rounded education. 


Furthermore, these scores are then used to provide statistics regarding how "good" a school is in "league tables" and simlar, further encourages teachers to prioritise getting students prepared for the exam rather than giving them a traditional education. Indeed last year a major teaching union considered boycotting the exams.


In this time of budget cuts, the administration of such a large national scheme seems like an extravagence and it would appear more sensible to abandon it in order to focus funds in ways that will more directly help a childs eduction – suich as by hiring more teachers and providing more resources for schools.

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